CHICAGO — Today, Gov. JB Pritzker delivered his FY2025 budget address, which includes a request for $629 million for the Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors and Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults programs. This is a $79 million increase from the amount appropriated by legislators and the governor in the current 2024 Fiscal Year budget.

Healthy Illinois Campaign Director Tovia Siegel issued this statement:

“Not only do the HBIA and HBIS programs deliver life-saving care to low-income older adults and seniors, these programs also save the state money in the long run by helping to prevent the need for more expensive, intensive care. The governor was absolutely right when earlier this month he defended HBIA and HBIS, saying, ‘It saves money if we keep people out of emergency rooms and keep people out of hospitals. It actually saves taxpayers money and that is what this program really does.’ These programs not only benefit enrollees, but boost public health in a fiscally responsible manner.

“The Healthy Illinois Campaign applauds the governor’s increased request for funding. We look forward to working with the Governor and the General Assembly to make sure that these programs reach everyone they are intended for and provide them affordable comprehensive coverage. We recognize the real fiscal challenges facing the state, but urge both the General Assembly and the governor to pass a FY25 budget that fully funds the existing HBIA and HBIS programs as they currently exist in statute, with no caps and no co-pays.

“We look forward to collaboratively engaging the legislature and the Pritzker Administration to find responsible fiscal solutions to ensure these programs, which constitute less than 2 percent of the state’s medical assistance budget, can best help save the lives of older Illinoisans.”

ABOUT THE HBIA and HBIS PROGRAMS: Created in 2020, the HBIS program provides health care coverage to individuals aged 65 and older who would be eligible for Medicaid but for their immigration status. HFS also regulates the HBIA program, which provides similar coverage for individuals aged 42 to 64. These programs are primarily utilized by long term undocumented residents and legal permanent residents of less than five years. Generally, asylum seekers do not qualify for HBIA or HBIS, but may qualify for other health coverage programs from the state or federal government.

ABOUT HEALTHY ILLINOIS: The Healthy Illinois Campaign is a statewide coalition that has a diverse cross-section of immigrant and healthcare advocates including grassroots community organizations, healthcare providers, and policy organizations. We are united by a common goal of making quality, affordable healthcare coverage accessible to all people in Illinois, regardless of immigration status. For more information please go to

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