Fair Tax With the Responsible Budget Coalition

Our current tax system benefits the wealthiest Illinoisans while placing the burden on working families, making it fundamentally unfair.

Illinois currently uses a flat rate structure, forcing low and middle-income families to pay taxes at the same rate as billionaires. The result of this structure is that working families pay more than their fair share, while the state’s wealthiest pay far less, and, as a consequence, our state lacks the resources we need to fund vital services and programs, including health programs for our most vulnerable community members.

Thanks to the hard work of the Responsible Budget Coalition, its 300 member organizations, and allies in the Illinois House of Representatives, the Fair Tax Amendment officially passed the House in 2019. This means that in November 2020, Illinois voters will have the chance to vote on whether Illinois should have a fair income tax, where higher incomes pay higher rates and lower incomes pay lower rates.

As a steering committee member of the Vote Yes for Fair Tax Ballot Committee and Co-Chair of the Validators Committee, the Healthy Illinois Campaign joins statewide partners to lead the push for a Fair Tax in Illinois.

How will a Fair Tax benefit you and our state?


Illinois Takes First Critical Step

Towards Comprehensive Health Coverage for Immigrant Community
May 24, 2020

The​ Illinois General Assembly passed a FY 2021 budget that funds comprehensive health coverage for immigrant seniors made especially vulnerable by the COVID-19 crisis.

New Campaign Director

October 2, 2019

Jesse Hoyt has departed from the organization. Graciela Guzman has taken his role.

Public Charge Panel

October 2, 2019

Thank you to Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and Access Living for organizing this extremely important Public Charge Panel at the Chicagoland Immigration and Disability Summit.

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