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ON JULY 1: 52,000 CHILDREN will LOSE THEIR HEALTHCARE unless the Legislature and Governor ACT NOW.


The Covering All Kids Health Insurance Act (the Covering All Kids Act) covers 52,000 low-income Illinois children including undocumented children. The program is the result of a bi-partisan policy decision made in Illinois a decade ago and renewed consistently by Democrat and Republican Governors since then, that in Illinois all children are treated equally and have access to health coverage. Covering All Kids ensures that every child has a relationship with a doctor, receives preventive care, early diagnosis and treatment, and the best health outcomes. Under current law, Covering All Kids sunsets July 1, 2016. HB5736 extends the program to October 1, 2019.

Covering All Kids Works

Covering All Kids Strengthens the Illinois Economy

All Kids has had unanimous bipartisan support when it was introduced and passed in 2006, with 107 yeas to 0 nays in the Illinois House. It has had strong bi-partisan support throughout its history. Illinois is a proud leader on the bi-partisan principle that all children should have health coverage. HB 5736 continues that strong tradition.

ON JULY 1: 52,000 low income children will lose health insurance, and substantial federal matching funds will be lost or at risk unless the Legislature and Governor ACT NOW

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Letter to Governor Rauner and Legislative Leaders

Dear Governor Bruce Rauner and Legislative Leaders,

We write to thank you for supporting the continuation of the All-Kids program and respectfully urge you to ensure that the program – our state’s public health insurance program for low- income children – continue to include all Illinois children, regardless of immigration status, and support House Bill 5736. All Kids is a critical and cost-effective program that provides health insurance to Illinois children. Illinois children have one of the lowest uninsured rates in the nation –3.3% – primarily due to the availability of the All Kids Program. In FY 2014, over 1.9 million children in Illinois were enrolled in the larger All Kids Health Insurance program.

The Covering ALL KIDS Health Insurance Act, which provides health insurance to over 52,000 low-income Illinois children must be reauthorized before July 1, 2016 in order maintain vital health care coverage for children and keep our communities healthy. The Covering ALL KIDS Health Insurance Act provides comprehensive, affordable health insurance to all undocumented children and children whose family income is less than $75,840 for a family of four. This coverage provides critical preventative services including immunizations that keep children and their parents, schools and communities healthy. We urge you to support pending legislation that will change the repeal date from July 1, 2016 to October 1, 2019.

Children enrolled in The Covering ALL KIDS Act comprise only 2% of enrollees in the All Kids Program but are a critical group that cannot obtain coverage elsewhere due to the unavailability or cost of employer dependent coverage or ineligibility for Medicaid or Marketplace coverage due to immigration status.

Nationally, children zero to five constitute 19 percent of Medicaid enrollees, however they only account for 8 percent of Medicaid spending. In Illinois, children zero to eighteen comprise 57 percent of the overall Medicaid program but account for just 26 percent of the total cost. Children covered in The Covering ALL KIDS Health Insurance Act comprise a small fraction of the total cost of the overall HFS budget.

The Covering ALL KIDS Health Insurance Act, as part of the larger All Kids program, is a proven program with a history of bipartisan support that provides children with health care they need to stay healthy and succeed. Covering All Kids provides quality health care so that children can thrive and reach their greatest potential.

Children’s Access to All Kids Health Insurance benefits our entire State. Access to health insurance and care is an essential part of improved individual and population health.

  1. Medicaid has been linked to broad quality of life improvements for immigrant families by providing access to preventative and primary care, health education and connecting eligible immigrants to social services.
  2. Health insurance prevents major financial crises for individuals and families.
  3. A national study found that 62 percent of all consumer bankruptcies in 2007 involved medical debt.
  4. Insurance coverage also reduces expensive, inefficient and unnecessary emergency department visits for non-emergency healthcare.

All Kids promotes higher educational attainment. A recent study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that Medicaid expansions have positively affected educational attainment. A 10 percentage point increase in average Medicaid eligibility for children led to a 5 percent decrease in the high school dropout rate and greater than a 3 percent increase in the four-year college attainment rate.

We urge you to support House Bill 5736.


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